Having to cancel your New Years holiday because airfrance are arseholes.
Also.. How do you delete tumblr from your phone?
Grumble grumble

As soon as I figure out how to do it I’m deleting tumblr.

First ever Christmas jumper !

First ever Christmas jumper !


Friday versus Saturday

she hates friday just as much as we do

she is the robert pattinson of the music industry

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Most kids on this website don’t even know what this is

That’s a coffee table

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Collection of selfies with various animals at the zoo :)

I don’t think I’m ok with this.

I don’t think I’m ok with this.


Random encounter: Man is forced into pillow fight in broad daylight

> Lol, his face at the end is just like, “Yeah, no ones gonna believe that story”

> Assault with a bedly weapon.

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